Ok, well I have some copies of my CD booklet that didn't turn out so nice. Actually, the colors are a little off than what I actually want and yes it's noticeably off.

Anyway, I know the RIGHT thing would be to just throw them away, but I'm just wondering what does everybody else do with bad copies?
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ummm wat?

Edit: sell them for a discounted price

Okay, but how would you even market them?..."Test copies! On sale for $1" lol
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Just sell them like the regulars. Call them limited editions. One day if you become famous, they'll sell for hundreds on ebay :P

lol Deluxe Edition sounds better
Don't throw them away that would be a waste. Give them away at gigs and get your music out there. Call them Limited Gig Editions with "special" art work.
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Absolutely don't throw them away. Absolute worst-case scenario, give them away for free. And I think the other posters' suggestions to market them as some kind of "limited edition" might not be a bad idea.
Okay, thanks for the good ideas. I can't see myself calling them Limited Editions because that would make me feel like a total cheater. How are they Limited Editions when the colors are screwed up?

Seems like the best thing to do would be to offer them at a coffee shop gig or something small like that. Maybe accept a donation or something...
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Did you not order booklets along with cds and cases?

Just include them as normal. If anyone fusses, give them another copy.

Everything is included as normal. The problem is that the colors are off.

Okay, for example:
The good copies have the exact shade of light yellow.
The bad copies have a dark yellow.
I personally would prefer if you would give them away during gigs.
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There's a few copies of metallica's ride the lightning that have a green cover instead of blue. They're limited editions now, and sell for hundreds of pounds. Give them away/sell them as limited edition.
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Believe it or not, there is a market for misprinted materials. If you still feel bad about selling them as "limited edition" etc, even if it is for the same price, you can just give the booklets out for free as promotional material.

But, if the color is such that a customer looking at it for the first time wouldn't think it's strange, you could sell them as regulars. No one would know they're messed up unless you told them.
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upload a picture here of the good and bad so we can compare?
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+1 for what rasveer said. SHOW US THE BOOBIES!... I mean, booklets.
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Whenever i get sent a certain amount of copies from label, i usually ask for about 10-15, i just hold on to them, and eventually give em out for free. For friends, and people i come across that might enjoy it. I'd suggest you do the same. You're a musician, not a salesman. Let others worry about the sale, and just spread your music to those you find deserve it.