Looking for guitarist/bassist/keys/vocals or multi-talent

Band influences: Pink Floyd, Tool, Dream Theater, etc. mostly instrumental music

My experience: Drummer 7 years, self taught

Looking for dedicated members with talent and examples of their work, attached is some improv i recorded this afternoon.

Track fades in due to error in my recording software, but its all there.


Please post below if interested.
I can play violin, guitar + backing vox?

Here is my youtube channel - only a couple of vids, but one collab already
http://www.youtube.com/user/SongsAJ (Love the bands you mentioned, but haven't got round to covering them yet!)

What do you think? I love this sort of music!
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I can play bass man. I'm into all those bands and I can play a lot of their songs on bass...
I've played keys for 6 years, love playing GNR and pink floyd kind of stuff, more recently Bon Jovi and have just started learned (in the past month) guitar.