I have a theory on why the Amerrican League always wins the All Star Game. And it's not one alot of people would think of. The last time the National League won the All Star game was in 1996. Each team in baseball must have a player to represent them. There are 14 American League teams and 16 National League teams. There are 33 player on an All Star team. So after taking a player from each team the NL has 17 players left to choose and the AL 19. The AL can now milk their money spenders. In 2009 the AL's top three spenders were the Red Sox Yankees and Tigers. 11 players made it to the All Star team from those three teams, granted you could say 8 additional plaers made it since each team must be represented. The top spenders of the NL were the Mets Cubs and Phillies. 8 Players from those teams represented the National Leauge, or 5 additional. The American League had 5 teams that were only represented once, The National League had 6. What does this have anything to do with why the American League wins? Well Since the American League has less teams they get to pick from their "Star Teams" more, therfore they win the All star Game more. Would you rather be forced to pick a reserve player from the Pirates and Astros or the Yankees and Red Sox? And the American League isn't forced to pick their back up from these teams, the National League is because they HAVE to choose from a team like the Pirates atleast once. Now Yes the American League has low pay-roll teams too. But bottom four teams for pay-roll all come from the National League. And you can make the argument the American League pays more so they win the All Star Game. Granted the American League does pay more than the National League, BUT the American League can still choose to make their extra two picks from their high pay-roll teams, and whose to blame them? Wouldn't you want the best players on your team. I mean the difference is having Mariano Rivera or Johnathon Papelbon in the late innings versus Justin Upton or Freddy Sanchez. And I'm not saying that Upton or Sanchez is bad, I'd just rather have another pick from the Mets or Phillies. I would much rather Have Raul Ibanez come in and pinch hit. Want more proof the two extra picks is why The American League always wins? Like I said earlier the last time the National League won was in 1996. In 1996 there were 28 teams in baseball, 14 in both leagues. After the 1996 All Star Game the National League had a dominating 40-26 record in the Mid Summer Classic, with one tie. Now they are 40-38 with two ties. So what changed after 1996? Well after '96, not much. But, in the 1997-1998 offseason, two teams were added to baseball, The Devil Rays and Diamondbacks, and one team moved from the American League to the National League, the Brewers. The two leagues became unbalnced. And that's when the American League Winning streak began. More proof? Lets go back to the beginning of the All Star History. From 1933 to 1960 both Leagues had 8 teams. The Leagues were Balanced. The American League's All Star Game record during this time frame was 16-13. Which in my opinion is not dominating. Then in 1961 two teams were added to American League. And that year there were two All Star Games. The National League won one and they tied the other. The Next year two more teams were added, this time to the National League. The Leagues would stay balanced from 1962-1976, though four more teams were added in 1969. During this time of balanced leagues the National League won 14 of 16 games. In 1977 the Leagues became unbalanced again. The American League added two more teams. Over the next 16 All Star Games the NL won 9 of 16 games. in 1993 two more teams were added, this time to the National League. The Leagues became balanced again between 1993-1997. During this stretch 5 All Star Games were played and The National League went 3-2. So looking back at the times when the leagues were uneven, the American League was the team that always had the most teams. WHich explains the National Leagues domination in the All Star game untill now. Granted back then everyone wasn't flocking to teams just to be highly paid, but still it's fun to look at. During the times of unbalanced leagues the league with the higher number of teams is 7 for 21 with one tie. Only 7 wins. The league with the least amount of teams in it is bound to win the All Star Game in my opinion. But history shows there is a chance they can lose. The American League won it so can the National League.
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