I hate introducing pieces... I never know what to say...

Ah right, influences. Martyr, Gorguts, Anata, Necrophagist, |_JR_|, JazzDeath, and video game music from Yasunori Mitsuda, Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu.

This is probably my best song, but I want to perfect it... Tell me what you think, C4C.
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this is a pretty awesome song, but it sounds like it could be cut into two or even three.

and the keyboard/brass section solo kinda jumps in from no where, Its' really jarring. but the jazz style guitar solo is good.

the outro Chord progression is very spacious and the bass solo adds a nice touch, as with the bass for the entire song itself.


I like the 'odd' intervals throughout- the sixths and ninths, and the groove of the whole thing. The jazz-style solo was really out of place, but for what it was it was pretty cool. The buildup to bar 210 was badass, and the section it builds up to is really nice, too. Said buildup reminded me of the first few songs from Ambient 4: On Land by Brian Eno.

The only complaints I really have is how the jazz bit comes in- if it were transitioned into a bit more it'd be much nicer. The dissonance of bars 102-103 just doesn't lead you into it well enough.

Something about bar 257 reminds me of Zeal. I don't know what it is- it doesn't sound like any of the BGMs from that part of Chrono Trigger. Just thought I'd point that out since you have a Nu for your avatar, lol.
1-23 I like the intro and the drums are absolutely fantastic. you have a real sense of death metal drum programming

24-43 AWESOME chords there transitioning between each other. To be honest the first time I listened I was a little confused because you have alot going on with the instruments, but the 2nd time it made more sense. I love the chord at 28 that is just awesome. Also the little jazz solo at the end is a nice touch.

44-59 I really like the feel you have here with the slower tempo and the crushing guitars. It is kind of ominous and creepy sounding with that rhythm and weird solo over it.

60-104 I dont know if you've ever heard of Planet X but this sounds alot like them. Not in a copying way but in a same kind of mood way. I love it. The drums are stellar.

Everything else up to the quiet pad part is very reminiscent of a Dream Theater song like Beyond This Life. I love it. That guitar riff with the chromatic notes is great.

The outro is absolutely awesome as that is my favorite theme in the song.

Only thing I would change in the song is maybe watch some of the chords going together as they mesh weirdly sometimes and it can be a bit much.

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Thanks for the comments. I won't be able to crit your guys' songs right away, as there is... something going on in my life, but I will do it eventually.

I'll do something about the transition to the jazz part at 106.

guitar_jew - Whenever I do something like that, I know I'm ripping off Chrono Trigger. But it sounds so amazing. I can't think of a track in Zeal that does that, but it's a pretty common... phrasing? in a lot of the other songs.

gnossdrawkcab - Yeah, I recently started listening to Planet X... And nice call, Beyond This Life is where I got the inspiration for that solo
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Intro is good, although it seems to have a bit of a sludge quality to it. The transitions into bars 24 and onward was good, although I don't know if the mood of that section is entirely coherent with what was prior. Regardless, chord choices are good, and has a kind of jazz feel to it.

44 is interesting, and has that kind of grinding, dissonant sludge quality to it, which creates a unique texture. 68 is a change of pace, back into a bit of the jazzy stuff, and then it goes rather quickly into the heavy drudgeness. I like how you cycle and balance the feelings at this point, kind of like your warping the textures of the piece.

88 to 104 drags on slightly.

106 is groovin'.

I liked this strange, disturbed swing, as its some of the wierdest stuff Ive heard. And I listen to alot of Jarzombek.

I particularly liked the leads at 148-157. Transition to 158 is good, although the funk leads are borderline for me until 184. Its wierd, but I was like "What is this? I don't even"... until that point.

190 may be a little abrupt, and the chords following might be too dissonant, as there isn't much to smooth them out until 202, and even then its still too imbalanced. But, it gives greater satisfaction at 211 when it lifts out into a spacier vibe, which I liked very much.

I am liking the double bass and keyboard outro.

Great song, but perhaps too clashing and drudging at times.

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