I will have $700 and am wondering what would be the best bass for mostly classic rock, some hard rock and a little bit of funky sound (like RHCP). Right now I am looking closely at the Ibanez SR700 (My affordable dream bass). But if there is anything better I would be glad to look at it.

Thanks a lot
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Thats a good choice. Im looking into the sr505, and from what ive seen the soundgears are pretty good quality

Yeah i have the SR405 right now and its great, very versatile and easy to play, but the 700 is easier to play due to the Medium frets and also has Bartolini pickups. Im selling my Shcecter Stiletto Custom-4 in order to have $700
you might want to try out a cheap stingray model, thats a music man of coarse
Yea mayn you could pick up a used stingray in that price range and it'll give you everything you want tonally.

The SR700 would be a really good choice as well. I love my SR750 which is the same thing just different woods and it's great for those tones plus others.

An ESP LTD Surveyor would really suite your needs. For your classic rock and flea tone switch to the MM bucker in the back and hard rock run a blend between the soapbar and the MM.

Also maybe a used ESP LTD B-414 would really suite your needs

Any non MIM Fender Jazz would give you that "Flea tone" you're looking for.

If you're lucky you might be able to find a used Spector Euro or Warwick for that low....if you're lucky...

As you can see their is not one "best bass" and as you probably know the best way to find the "best bass" for you is to just try gear out. Though if you're like me and limited on what guitar stores have in your area then hopefully I pointed you at least in somewhat the right direction.
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I don't really understand why basses have 24 frets, I mean, I've never seen a bassist playing more than the 12 fret.

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Can't go wrong with the SR700. Have one and love it. Tried and had Fender, Cort, Epiphone, ... before I bought this. It's very versatile, well built and easy to play.
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The best bass for your money would be a used bass. $700 could fetch you a used Warwick Corvette or Musicman Stingray. You could also find a used Spector Euro Rebop, or if you extended your budget just a little bit you could get a used MIA Fender.

If you really want to go with a brand new bass, Ibanez would be a good choice, but I would suggest looking at a G&L Tribute L2000. A fantastic and versatile bass that really doesn't get mentioned enough around here.
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