Hey guys, do you know a good place to look for bass songbooks? I'm looking for one for U2's debut album "Boy"....
Hal Leonard used to have a U2 best of bass book, but I think its out of print.

However, to be honest, the bass lines are not that hard to figure out if you get a decent chord chart and listen to the songs. I believe some of the tabs may be on UG as well.
Yeah, I wish they would have a bass tab book for each album! I'm a huge U2 fan and the bass lines aren't all hard
Don't the normal tab books have bass in? I've never bothered buying one but I just assumed that the bass would be in there.

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No most of them are usually for guitar alone, or you get a piano score with chords.

There are a few publishers that have done watershed album scores for all instruments (bass, guitar and drum) tabs. I have some Jimi Hendrix scores and the entire Nirvana "Nevermind" album like that.
I don't think that a book of bass music - tab or notation - exists for that album. That having been said, this is probably the best place to look for books and DVDs of bass music and technique:


They seem to have just about everything that is in print, and a few things that aren't in print anymore.
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