Ok, so i recently got into thrash metal and honestly the only thrash album i listen to is kill'em all by metallica. i have been using the metronome to get my speed up to play these songs and i'm curious as to wether or not this is a good speed excersize...

*everything is down picked

1. play a minor scale twice no mistakes

2. play a major scale twice no mistakes

3. push the dial up one notch

4. repeat until i'm too tired to play or its just too fast for me.

by the time i finish with this i'd say about 30 minutes has passed and my right arm is very tired. what do you guys think?
Sounds like your off to the right start. I would recommend two tips. First, learn to alternate pick. You mention you are only down picking and this will severely diminish your speed later on. It is always better to slow down and practice the right way until you can do it in your sleep.

Second tip is to go ahead and spend more time on the slower end of the dial. If you are pushing it up and up until it is too fast your are not helping yourself. Try going up and staying at a tempo until you can do it perfectly, then move on. Good luck!
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