Hey everybody,

So I just recently purchased a brand new Fender Hot Rod Deluxe at my local Sam Ash. It sounded really good at the store, and since almost everybody has a positive thing to say about it, I just went ahead and bought it. I didn't test it at more than 3 on the volume knob, because I hate being that guy who plays incredibly loud at the store.

So when I get it home, I wanted to crank it up to hear how it sounded. I set it on the clean channel and I turn it up to about 5 or 6. I noticed that when I play on the low strings, it seems like the sound is distorted quite a bit. It seems that if you turn it up louder, the sound just gets more distorted. Is this a problem with my brand new amp?? Or do I just have to play it a little bit to wear it in??

Or could it be my guitar? I play a PRS SE singlecut, and it was a rather expensive guitar so I feel like it shouldn't be the cause of my problems....

Does anybody know what is going on here? I have tried messing with the settings on the amp and that doesnt seem to help at all. Sorry, I am pretty much a beginner when it comes to electric amplifier stuff. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

No, that's the natural distortion from your tube amp. I'll let somebody else smarter than me explain it.
This is perfectly normal.
This how distortion was created: by turning a tube amp too loud.
So the fact that it distorts at 6 is normal, but the fact that you can turn it up to 6 without being is a bit more surprising...
Yep, completly normal. That's what distortion is.
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Sooo basically what you guys are saying is that I can't ever have a clean sounding tone if I turn it up past 3?? This seems a little contradictory to me...
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Sooo basically what you guys are saying is that I can't ever have a clean sounding tone if I turn it up past 3?? This seems a little contradictory to me...

That depends on what amp you're using, how much wattage it's packing, and how the circuit is designed. Some amps break up earlier than others, especially non-master volume amps. The HRD doesn't have a master volume on its clean channel, so you can expect breakup to occur fairly early on the dial.

Certain Fender amps were specially designed not to break up (Fender Twin, for instance) but you can still get distortion out of them (The Sex Pistols certainly did)

Don't be surprised when a tube amp starts to produce distortion at high volumes, it's quite normal.
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On smaller tube amps, you basically have two volume controls outside of the master (if yours even has one) that is basically your clean/dirty channel. If you want distortion, you put your gain on 10 and move the volume until you get your desired breakup. If you want cleans, you put your volume on 10 and move the gain until you get to the desired level. At least that's what I do.
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