Holy flashback, Batman.

Childhood pranks;
chipping cartoon faces
onto the back of gravestones.
Cloudless days and
sunny skies
thrown away in the name of
angst and misunderstood anarchy.

We spent days walking through fields and woods, singing Irish jigs with bird whistle solos and cricket percussion. Afternoons on hillsides naming clouds, designing futures, solving world problems with the simplest of fixes; we had it all. I miss those breezes and the scents they carried. Smoke and earth, men and beasts, flowers and death; they were all there. Mister McMurray burning dead trees, cows being fattened for slaughter... and our own sweat, pouring from brows that hadn't yet seen a hard days work.

We'd raced hard... run as fast as our poor bare feet could carry us, collapsed on Sherman's Hilltop, grass tickling against our naked backs. For that summer, we knew God's country. For that summer, I knew God. What was there to doubt back then? I didn't know heartbreak, lust, or the cruel realism that would set in a few months later. That was the summer where we didn't have to stop to smell the roses; their scent was on the breeze and we were just following the wind down to the creek.

And when I think back,
the only thing I regret:
Old Man Rodgers deserved
a more heinous defacing
than Mickey Mouse on his
i approve, tis sex to my mind
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At times it seems like you're trying to hard to be nostalgic and reminiscent. I love everything you've said here, but I wish you would have said it in a way that wasn't shoving down my throat the fact that this is a nostalgic thing. Also wish I knew more about the narrator(a triviality).

I liked this well enough. "solving world problems with the simplest of fixes" and much of this hits home.

Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
I like this, Zach, I feel it's most appropriate as a diary entry or a conversation with a friend, but we're not even supposed to have poetry on here really, so what difference does it make at the end of the day I liked the switch in itlaics and the change in moods between the two different narratives. I do feel that parts were rushed through or given the cliche 'this was my childhood' vibe but that can happen in such a short space.
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