So, who here can help me diagnose a problem? I have an unmodified Fender Blues Junior, about 3 years old, no issues. I'm playing with a Fender Stratocaster (Single Coils) and a Yamahahahaha RGX-A2 (humbuckers). Over the past few months, I've noticed its tone has been slowly shifting, becoming increasingly trebly. Then, practically overnight, the amp is WAY too trebly, extremely tinny sounding... I mean, FREAKIN' tinny! So I figured, it's tube time, and I replaced all 5 tubes thinking that was my solution. Nope! Sounds exactly the same.

I keep my amp clean, and I know it's something going on with the treble, maybe the treble control and circuit. I used to keep the treble dial around 65%, but now, even with the treble dial at 0% it is too overbearing. And get THIS: Even at low volume and gain settings, where the amp should be clean no matter what (and used to be), if I increase the treble even to 50%, the amp is overdriving.

I'd love to use this as an excuse to buy a new amp, but I'm not looking to spend on one now, plus even if I was, I'd want this one to be in good working order so I could sell it.
never heard of that before
is everything in the circuit in order no loose cables
spaecially in the tone knob
maybe you blew the speaker
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what kind of tubes did you put in? three 12AX7s, and two matched el84s?

was it serviced by a tech? did you suffer any volume loss?

if no to the two questions above, then you might have to look inside your chassis. i could be wrong, but i think the tube socket's solder pad cracked or something. one of the cathodes (pin 3, or 8). that will get you a very bad fuzz that cannot be avoided even if you turn ur volume to 2.

so can you check the solder pads on the tube sockets? open the back panel up, then wiggle the tubes inside the sockets a little. if you see the silver pads wiggle too, you needa solder it back on.

tell me what you got!
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I didn't blow the speaker.

Tubes replaced were exactly the same ones. I didn't experience any volume loss, at least until the other night, when this is what is happening now...


Could be a cool effect if there were any control over it... I've opened it up and looked, and nothing seems to be wrong. To include a solid connection with all the tubes. You can hear at the end that I am now, indeed, getting volume loss, by about 50%. What you hear is exactly what it sounds like, to include the feedback-like hum at the end.

I am probably going to have to have it sent in. No telling how much that will cost - I have not registered it under warranty... I need to find out how to do so. This is outrageous.