Hi guys,
I am ok with a soldering iron and have installed a few pickups before (by following seymour duncan schematics - pretty easy stuff).

My Strat currently has a JB trembucker in the bridge, and two single coils, and the standard 5-way switch, 1 volume 2 tone controls. One tone control controls the neck pup, one controls the mid, neither control the bridge pup.

I had a few ideas for customizing it and any help would be really appreciated!

Idea 1: Is it possible to make it so that the tone knob that currently controls the mid pickup instead controls BOTH the bridge and middle pickups tone?

Idea 2: Without a pull-push pot, can I make the humbucker switchable to a single coil? i.e. can i wire it so that it is a humbucker in the 1st position, but then when i move the selector to position 2 it is still just the JB, but only one coil of it?

If it not possible to do this without a pull-push, I am definitely open to just using a pull-push pot for this.

Any help/suggestions would be great, as would any schematics. Thanks in advance
I can help you with the coil splitting just not the tone.

Work out what position you want the split coil to be in and set it to that. Take the same pickup wires that you would use to wire to a push/pull (should be red and white for the JB) and just solder that to whichever lug it makes sound through.

I suggest you post this in the wiring thread. You'll be sure to get an answer there.

Wiring Thread
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