What are some good exercises to learn all of the notes on the guitar? I consider myself an alright but really need to learn the notes.
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If you know the notes in first position, you can learn the other positions using unisons and octaves. For example, play the notes in the first position on the first string, then find those notes on the second string in fifth position, play the second string in first position and find the notes on the third string, fifth position, et.c. Then, play the notes on the sixth string in first position and find the octave notes on the fifth string in seventh position, play the fifth string in first position and find the notes on the fourth string, seventh position, et.c. I had a full tabbed version of this, but it's on my other computer.
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The way i learned it was, know that the notes on a guitar are A B C D E F G, then you should know where the whole steps and half steps are, and thats it.

Nut 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  12
e||F| |G| |A| |B|C| |D| |E||
B||C| |D| |E|F| |G| |A| |B||
G|| |A| |B|C| |D| |E|F| |G||
D|| |E|F| |G| |A| |B|C| |D||
A|| |B|C| |D| |E|F| |G| |A||
E||F| |G| |A| |B|C| |D| |E||

Know the Open strings -


Now make a game or sentences and challenge yourself to find the notes on the fretboard
For instance

(E)ven (A)fter (G)ophers (C)reated (D)ynamite, (G)olfers (F)rolicked (A)bsurdly
Just memorise the | E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D# |
Then pick a string A for eg.
So the open is an A put the first finger on the 1st fret then its A#, slide a fret then its B, etc
Do this on all of the strings and you'll be able to find the notes, do this more frequantly and the time to find a note will shorten
Just play scales or just fret by fret and name all of the notes.
So for the E string you would play;
0,1,2,3,4,5,6, etc and you would say out loud "E, F, F sharp, G, G sharp, A, A sharp" and so on
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Just learn them...find every A on your guitar, memorise it, get used to the sound of it, repeat for other notes.
If it's a guitar that you're just learning on and don't gig with, they make decal sets that you can place on each fret for under 20$ usually with all the notes. It looks pretty tacky, but should be a good visual aid while learning.
Learn the notes on E and A string starting open. The notes are the same on D and G starting at 2nd fret. The same on B and e starting at 5th fret. At that point you'll be learning octaves.
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It´s pretty easy really. You just got to be patient and keep at it. I found that once i really learnt where the notes on my guitar where i never forgot them, because you instantly start using this newly acquired knowledge whenever you play. Like if you got a riff and you want to move it up an octave you have to find those same notes some other place on the guitar, and you´re applying your guitar notes knowledge there.

What i did was to do a string per day. Like "Okay, so today i´ll learn the 6th string, tomorrow the 5th and so on". It helps to just learn the notes on the inlayus first and then you´ll automatically know where the notes that are in between the inlays are. You can also print blank fretboards and fill them out, it helps if you are one of those people with visual memory.

Also, try this:

You can test yourself with that and it also gives you solid results so you can visually see your progress on learning the fretboard. But personally, i think nothing beats having the REAL fretboard in your hands and just finding the notes and saying them out loud.