One simple question.... Would you say that I should buy a good tube combo amp that I can afford now (Traynor YCS50) or should I continue to save and get a really good amp ( a head and then 2x12)? I'm open to all suggestions. Also if it helps I will be playing in a band we just started gigging so nothing over 50 watts unless its capable of being reduced ( ex. like how the Dual Terror can go from 30-15-7 watts). I anything from classic rock, indie, alt rock, grunge and hard rock.
What would you plan on saving up for if you don't go for the Traynor? I used to have the YCS100, and it was a great amp, it just didn't do really smooth super hi gain tones.
If I were to save up I was looking into some orange amps like the AD30 and Rocker 30.
The Traynor YCS50 isn't a really good amp?
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The Traynor IS really good, but if you're set on a head and cab you might as well go for that...

I'd recommend the Jet City Amps JCA100H or JCA50H and an Avatar, Mesa, Orange, Splawn or Mills Acoustics cabinet.
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Are there any specific bands/guitarists you play more than others?

Have you played a Traynor? As mentioned the YCS50 Blue is a great amp already.

It is a tough choice. That just gave me an idea for a new thread.

What would your overall budget be if you save up? I like the head/212 setup better myself. Also, the Traynor should hold its value well so you can just resell it later when you are ready. They make Traynor heads too.
Bands i listen to are: weezer,smashing pumpkins, led zeppelin, black sabbath,pixies, rhcp. If I were to save up for about another six months I could easily have $2000 or higher, but I was hoping to buy it by the end of the summer or at least a little after. By then I should have between 1000- 1300$. Would it really be worth the wait to wait that long or....also no I haven't played the Traynor I have only looked up reviews, and demos, but I have called local shops and haven't found any that have it so I would have to just order offline.
I would say you definitely want a Marshally flavored amp. For $2,000 there are tons of them. 6 months is not that long. I know it is hard to wait...it was for me. Brutal.

But....you are gigging now so. That Traynor YCS50 blue is marshall based. What about used gear to get you into something decent. Save up and trade later. What is your closet major city?
I live in LA so im in a major city haha yea i know it seems like it would be easy to find amps but not really or it could also be that im a noob haha
Here's a bunch of stuff posted just this past weekend. Depending on what amp you have now, I'd go for something like this and then sell it when you are ready...if you even need to. I only typed in a Budget of $700 and then 'amp' in subject.

Jul 6 - Half Stack (Peavey xxx head and Soldano 4x12 Cab) - $600 (Ridgecrest)

Jul 6 - Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 Head - $650 (Hollywood) pic

Jul 6 - Marshall JTM 60 combo - $525 (North Hollywood) pic

Jul 6 - LINE 6 BOGNER designed AMAZING all tube guitar amp - $440 (SFV) pic

Jul 5 - Peavey Classic 30 Tweed Guitar Amplifier - $350 (Santa Monica) pic

Jul 5 - Classic 1988 Ampeg stereo guitar amp for sale or trade - $475 (Topanga Cyn WLA) pic

Jul 5 - Mesa Boogie 60 Watt SOB (SON OF A BOOGIE) - $625 (Hollywood) pic

Jul 5 - 1985 Marshall JCM 800 50 watt 1x12 combo - $600 (West LA) img

Jul 5 - Crate Blond Vintage Club 30 Tube Amp - $375 (culver city) pic

Jul 5 - Amazing Carvin Tube Amp 60W - $300 (Topanga)

Jul 5 - ++++ LINE SIX FLEXTONE lll AMP & FBV PEDAL ++++ - $325 (North OC) img

Jul 5 - PEAVEY JSX AMP - $650 (west van nuys)

Jul 4 - Marshall JCM 900 Model 1960 4x12 Slant Cab!!! - $300 (Glendale) pic

Jul 4 - VHT Classic 18 Tube Amp (Minty) - $400 (Newhall) pic

Jul 4 - Peavey XXX Guitar Amp Head - $700 (Los Angeles) pic