I don't really listen to all that much Metallica but that sounded great man.

Very clean playing as far as I can hear, and your timing seemed pretty good too.

Good job.
It sounds great! I dig the tone (and the song choice). You could work on vibrato and getting bends more exact but besides that, it's a really good cover.
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Not bad.. good sound quality but something about the tone I didn't like (too "smooth" maybe.. not enough presence?) and some parts were a little sketchy but pretty good overall. I'd give the first half about a 8.5/10 and the second half a 7/10. I do really like the looks of that Ibanez though

If you want to c4c you can bump my Vai cover for me since it got up to 70 views and no replies
Seemed pretty good. You're playing was pretty spot on, though I wasn't too keen on the tone though. Not sure what it was about it I didn't like though...