im looking at getting the laguna lg300ce or the dean exotica spalted maple, and as usual i cant decide, they are both beautiful guitars. HELP!!!
I've never played either but the Laguna is a superior guitar on paper.
Definatly recommend Laguna. I personally own a Dean Exotica and own a Laguna as well. Laguna is great for its price my only complaint is that it is more fragile. But the tone is great.
I would try both out at your local guitar center.
i'd get the laguna ahead of the dean as it has a solid top where the dean has a laminated top. i've also found that though they're not usually my thing, lagunas are actually pretty well made.

have you actually played either of them?
ive played a dean in the same series, it sounded ok but i wasn't for sure, i think the laguna guitar wins though