ok so if i get on a excersice bike and bike on a moderate pace for and hour then after that work out upper body on day lower another and watch what i eat will i lose significant weight in 2 mths.
exercise & nutrition thread
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that depends entirely on what you define as "moderate pace". My general rule is "Go full out, or don't bother". Losing weight is hard, and you're going to feel it. When I'm trimming down for track season I get on the stairmaster. That big bastard will melt the pounds off you. If you're really serious about it, you need to get something equally as intense, and you need to be very careful about your food. You can lose a lot of weight in 2 months, just make sure you do it safely.
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yea im going to eat plenty just eat smart almost no fats you now the deal
how bout if i go all out for a minute on the bike rest and repeat is that good/better?
highly recommend doing your intense workout first, then the less intense workout after. it seems to me that working out the lower or upper body will be more intense than doing the bike jawn. i ride mountain trails for 30 miles everyday then lift upper body. works out great for me for staying cut. then again, i haven't gained a pound since 11th grade.
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