A song i made out of lots of old ideas i never recorded it turned out ok for just guitar. Any comments welcome so are suggestions and even a drum or bass track lol. C4C. Song in profile click username.
Responding to the crit of my song (thanks by the way )

I like many of the parts of this song, but as a whole, it feels like you just threw the parts together. It's very choppy and lacks transition, but there's a lot of potential.
I really couldn't help you with that man. Changing the order of the parts could help. You could try writing some transition riffs or you could cut material from it all together
I agree it just sounds like you cut & paste a bunch of various riffs together. I like a few of the riffs. I can help you on one item if you have the right gear. If you are going to copy/cut & paste various guitar riffs together, record them with no reverb or delay initially. Then cut/copy your riffs together. Then add reverb and/or delay to it afterwards. If you record the reverb and/or delay to "tape", then you are going to hear a bunch of reverbs & delay echoes getting chopped off at every edit point. If you do it the way I said you should, the edit points will be a lot less obvious. Please review my music at this link: