2 days ago I decided this 13 year old baby is in serious need of a complete overhaul,it's full of scratches and dings, the hardware is dirty, the cavities are dirty, the fretboard is dirty. So yeah.

Here's the guitar before I started, notice the white "fungus" in the pickup cavities, yuck.

first I got to remove all the electronics and hardware

here's a dirty bridge:

a dirty disassembled bridge:

the proof that it's a real Ibanez EDGE trem
Orange Enthousiast.
just chillin'

a clean bridge

got some sanding done

after work I'm going to try sanding the whole back body.
Next week my tung oil should arrive so I can start refinishing.
No more glossy finish, say hello to a nice satin oil finish ^^

Stay tuned folks!
Orange Enthousiast.