hey hey

just got a tokai SG (chinese) and i love it. sounds beautiful. problem is the action is really high.

in the past i've raised and lowered bridges to suit, but this bridge is as low as it'll go, and the strings at the 22ndfret are about 4mm above the fret. surely if the bridge is low as possible, the strings should pretty much lay on the frets???

is this a manufacturing fault, or could it be caused by neck relief? the neck seems to be perfectly straight???
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hmm..dude..arent tokai's MIJ?

They are MIJ but they have a TON of copies that are MIC.
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anyway,it can be two things

1)ridiculously high nut

2)too much neck relief(that cant be solved by turning the truss rod)
Is there a ton of neck relief? If so it may be as simple as tightening the truss rod.