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Was looking in the other forums, and saw a "Best Guitar Tone" thread, and wondered why there was no bass one? Well, off you go!
I love Geezer Butler's tone, at least in the N.I.B intro.

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I have a couple favorites.

Doris Yeh and Lena Abe are my current favorites.
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Justin Chancellor on 10,000 Days
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From a national band called Dead Letter Circus, nice warwicky thumbness tone through an Ampeg

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Any tone I can actually hear clearly without needing a lot of distortion is good in my book. Including Flea, Gene Simmons, Geddy Lee, ...the usual suspects.

Another couple classics I like are April Wine (Roller), and Sweeney Todd (Roxy Roller), they both have a lot of punch and are very up front in the mix.
that tone from the Boston song, foreplay, about 2 minutes wait, that's a piano.

EDIT: always wish I had bass tone that sounded like that though

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Stefan Lessard on anything from Before These Crowded Streets and Under the Table and Dreaming.

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I really like Brant Bjork's bass tone on his first solo album Jalamanta.
Anything from Robert DeLeo of the Stone Temple Pilots. His tone is rough and gruff and definately mixed so it stands out just as much as his brother's (Dean DeLeo) guitars. Try any song on Purple and Shangri-La Dee Da.
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Well, fingerstyle I'd have to say Tim Commerford or Flea. Pickstyle I'd go with David Ellefson and Frank Bello.
Jaco's tone. Its so sweet and incredibly distinctive to the point you can listen to a record and say...hey, is that bassist Jaco?
Jeff Ament's live tone
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Fat Mike's tone on The Longest Line EP and Cokie The Clown EP
And Chris #2's tone on Underground Network
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I really like Ryan Martinie's tone and Jason Newsted's tone.
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Dave Ellefson off 'Rust in Peace' or Jon Gallant in Billy Talent I or II. Pretty opposite tones, they just sound so great in the mix.
Brian Cook - (Botch, These Arms are Snakes, Russian Circles) (specifically the effect ussage in TAAS)
Nick Thieneman - (Breather Resist, Brain Banger, Young Widows) (amazing distorted tone and awesome bass lines in all projects)
Kevin Lamielle - (Majority Rule, Haram) (fuzzed out bass and amazing lines in Maj.Rule.)
Leon Wilkison - (Clikitat Ikatowi) (super techy for an old 'screamo' band, RIP)
Vern Rumsey - (Unwound, Blonde Redhead) (great lines in Unwound)
Jared Warren - (KARP, Big Buisiness, The Melvins) (Big. Effing. Buisiness.)


Mike Dirnt - (Green Day) (The bass tone on 'Insomniac'... so good)
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Juan Alderette's tone on The Bedlam In Goliath (when it isn't drenched in effects)
Geddy Lee's tone on 2112, Permanent Waves, and Farewell To Kings
Colin Edwin's tone on everything
Tim Commerford's tone I can't get over, but like Spaz said he keeps that beautiful tone so secretive to make sure nobody copies him. But thats one reason I like it so much and it just sounds sick .
twiggy ramirez on the song apple of sodom by marilyn manson
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Jaco's tone. Its so sweet and incredibly distinctive to the point you can listen to a record and say...hey, is that bassist Jaco?
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The God of Bass Guitar known as John Entwistle ....all I need to say about his tone is...Live At Leeds....
Flea (RHCP) - Suck My Kiss
John Moyer (Disturbed) - Stricken
Paul D'amour (Tool) - The Grudge
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I prefer the sound of pickstyle so I will have to go with the obvious Jason Newsted and David Ellefson. Davids tone in the Rust In Peace album or Peace Sells is so ****ing awesome, I wish I could emulate that somehow. Ellefson Rules!!!

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les claypools tone in jerry was a racecar driver or in DMV
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