grab the paper
roll that shit up
got my ganja
gonna get ****ed up
its better than beer
better than crack
i got a new saying
"only weed ain't whack"

a joint,
a bong,
a pipe,

a vaporizer,
clear paper,
some brownies

put it in the grinder
or straight from the bag
if you got sensimilla
u ain't a fag

but im still chill
i don't care
if u do it or not
it's still fair

u can watch
or light it up
or be a fag
and call the cops

but i don't care
it's THC
doctors perscibe it
so it must be healthy

nothin is wrong with it
all you do is get high
**** what people say
it wont make you die

i don't care
if you smoke weed
but if you do
we'll roll up a dooby

i don't smoke. its just a song my friend made. it was funny when he sang it, but he wrote it cause he got bored so yeah. its my friends song.