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Nice little game we can play here. Rate the breakdown/beatdown/mosh part or whatever you want to call it that the poster above you posts, and then post one of your own.

For example, this one has been doing it for me recently:

Breakdown comes in at 1:47 -

Next person give this a rating out of ten and give a general opinion on it.
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EDIT: Breakdown equals cliche.

holy sh*t.

Might as well listen from the start as it just builds to the breakdown at 20 seconds in ish. Pretty cliched and well known but builds well.

Edit: ^ 7. The start is nuts. But the kick drum just annoys me. Guitar stuff is sick tho.
Also that Within the Ruins is sick.
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Whoops sorry. Just woke up and I'm a bit out of it.
I like the song itself, but the breakdown is underwhelming. 6/10

^Hey, I'm here, ain't I?

Also, my new one.
0:34 - end. So mind-numbingly heavy.
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Haha no worries, and yeah, I agree. Wanted to see if others thought that I think it's the recording as much as anything. Sounds weaker than the rest of it.

EDIT: Ninja'd!
Can't say I like it much It is pretty fucking heavy though. Vocals ruined it for me. I'll give it a 6.5 I think. Nice and specific

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I haven't really listened to moshy stuff in almost a decade... but i'll play

For that Structures one... eh... a 4 out of 10. Too meshugga-y for my taste. Technically speaking though i'd give it a 7.5 out of 10.

One from 'back in my day': 3:30

*my fave breakdown is on the song 'Progress of Elimination' by Majority Rule... but no youtube video for it. ( ) starts at 1:20
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One from 'back in my day': 3:30

3. Though I'm not really a fan of hardcore and older metalcore at all. Just wasn't feeling it.
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That was pretty cool, 7/10. The person who posted it needs kicked in the twat though.


You get a 15/10 for posting it.
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Converge are great, sick shit

starts around 1:50

yeah, I just did this


One of the best breakdowns ever.

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