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I'm now playing the guitar for a year and I'm trusted with my guitar now. I have a Roland 30x AMP, and a Ibanez GSA120. I play just for fun (that's why I have that chep Ibanez).

Now, I want to start learning scales so I can just fun around like they did in the next video.

Anchang Jam Session (Youtube)

Could someone tab me the 4 chords out they play? Probably power chords, but I don't get it (and there are some muted strings in there too). It seems me a good rythm for jamming around with friends.

And can someone tell me in which scale the black person is soloing (the first time, the first person).

E - D - C - D

Just powerchords...

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In this case you could just leave out the notes on the g string...

(Actually, the chords are named E5, D5, C5 afaik)

Soloing seems to be just up and down the pentatonic (not sure if it's E minor)

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Thanks for tabbing those out! That really helped!

And about the pentatonic scale. I've learned some patterns and stuff, but I see them moving all over the neck, so that means they don't stay in one scale?
false, he probably is playing the same scale just across many octaves....i havent watched the vid but in order to maximize the use of a scale u want to know how to play it all over the neck and how to smoothly transfer from one part of the neck to another
So he is playing a pentatonic scale (major or minor?) in the keys C D E F G A B? and how do I play it all over the neck?
He's using the E Minor pentatonic scale. The notes for it are E,G,A,B,D. U can play those notes anywhere on the fretboard.


That's the E Minor pentatonic scale all over the fretboard.
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Well Something Trip, that's something we'll need to find out on the internet (YouTube) I think...
Both of you should start learning some basic theory.
Learn the names of the notes on the fretboard, and learn about hte major scale and hows its constructed (There are some good articles here on UG). Then you can start learning about the minor scale, pentatonics, chords etc