I have two Gibson Les Paul hardshell cases. Both of them had guitars inside when our basement flooded.

The guitars are fine, but the cases are not. The little bit of residue finish that rubbed off into the lining of the case has become matted and sticky. I have to leave a tea towel or a dish cloth in the case to keep the stickiness from transferring to my guitar.

What is the best way to clean this? Or am I better off just getting new cases?
that's probably the glue they used to adhere the lining. how much area? can you post pics?

it may be worth it to reline the cases partially.

but new hard skb cases wouldn't hurt either, they run about $120 each.
I am unable to take pics at the moment, but essentially the entire bed of the case in the body portion is one big sticky matted mess. Probably would need a relining. I've heard that can cost almost as much as a new case. I might just go that route. Thanks!