Hey everyone,

For the past couple of months I've been obtaining advice from the forums on what kind of amp I should buy next. I play mostly jazz (with my school/college jazz band) and the instrumental rock (satriani, vai, etc.) so I'd need an amp with nice cleans that also sounds good with high gain. Usually all my inquiries end with a recommendation of the Peavey XXX, and after trying it out myself, I can safely say that the XXX is a bit too br00tal for my needs. Further research led me to the JSX, satriani's sig model, which is a bit more "organic sounding" so to speak.

Now, I'm currently playing a fender frontman 15 G (or maybe it's R; doesn't matter, it's shit regardless) and since I'm playing an ibanez rg (not a prestige) with Dimarzio's (evo 2, virtual vintage heavy blues 2, and paf joe), I definitely need to buy a tube amp.

The JSX perfectly fits my needs, but it's much too expensive, and because I'm a college student, I'm looking for a combo amp. So, UG, I ask of you if there are any recommendations for an alternative to the JSX. It must be a tube amp and cost under or around $600 used or $800 new.

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A poor man's JSX? Probably a used JSX, to be honest. Most go for around $650 - 700 used.
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You're pretty much describing a Bugera 333XL

Fixed and +1. Fits your description exactly.
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333XL hands down.

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Look for a JSX used. I got mine one ebay for about $750 shipped. It was nearly brand new.
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For me, the JSX and the XXX sounded very close (in terms of tone & gain).

For your needs, I would recommend the Carvin Legacy.
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There is 2 available in your area. A head for $750 and a Combo for $850.


They are not that expensive to buy especially on the used market.


And if that is too much for you, there are some Triple X's on craigslist as well. Put some EL34 power tubes in there and BOOM. JSX tones.