I have always wanted a guitar that looks like it was born in a forest, and now I have. This is a pretty amazing guitar. The guy who made this guitar was forced to sell it due to hard times. I feel a little bad about depriving him from his own creation, but hopefully he'll make a few more.

It's made from black limba, has a flamed maple neck, two DiMarzio pickups, coil-tapped, and a Japanese licensed Floyd Rose trem. The actual feel of the wood is incredible, and I can now see what the fuss about black limba is about. As a thing to hold, it is very satisfying to touch and immensely pleasing aesthetically. The wood has contours, indentations and vein-like passages, which give it tremendous character. See below for a macro shot.

As for its sound, it is wonderful. The wood has a very specific tone - very raw, as though the wood is breathing. Very sonorous, full of sustain, and with the DiMarzios packed in, ready to unleash fire and brimstone.

pretty cool - happy NGD

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I've never seen something with quite that shape.

And that Black Limba looks pretty sweet too!

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looks sexy hngd
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This is reminiscent of the Nuno sig, but it's also one of the only NGD posts that's made me a.) want the guitar and b.) want to comment on it. That thing is just gorgeous.
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Absolutely beautiful. HNGD!
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that is awesome
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Thanks for the comments people - compliments to the maker really.
love it! i really like the righty neck on the lefty body. at least i'm 99% sure thats a USACG neck. that is one badass guitar. congrats!
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