well the whole reason i dont like the deville too loud. But it sounds good for blues. May be instead of selling it i might just get pedals to fix my prob. I hear the love 50 or somthing is good hendrix tone. I want the fuzz face bad. I have a dunlop cry baby gcb - 95. What sound looking for is like machine gun,lover man, spanish castle magic, voodoo child , purple haze, foxy lady. etc especially red house i can almost get the right tone for red house but not quite. Not the fast version the slower version from valley of Neptune. Then a pedal for clapton nice warm bluesy tone. Pedals for new alternative and metal. Can the deville handle that work load?

or save $ and get a pod? How is the pod? worth the $?

and does all these pedals increase vol?

i like the zakk wylde mxr zw 44 nice tone . is that distortion or over drive. Whats the difference?

Tube screamer is jimmi page pedal?
My newest cover Rivers Of Babylon sublime style.


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