Hey guys, Just picked up guitar a few weeks ago, and i have come on far, learning most of the basic chords.

I decided to take up the challange of learning Hurt,
In the intro and the majority of the song , were it goes from

A Minor - C - D (repeat)
I can't seem to get from C to D in the time needed for the song.

And tips?
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You have time to switch when you pluck the open D string. Other than that just practice the transition over and over again.
As the people above said pratice is the key. I believe the first chord is A minor though not A major.
Quote by Darkoblivion319
As the people above said pratice is the key. I believe the first chord is A minor though not A major.

Yeah my bad ,

I'm sure i will get it soon.

thanks guys.
I remember when i was learning i used to sit there watching a movie while holding my guitar

i didnt strum it or play it i just practiced chord changing and eventually got my speed up, i will always remember cracking barre chords when Han Solo was being frozen in carbonite in Empire strikes back

Anyway practise makes almost perfect
sit there for 1 minute at a time making the change then one strum to ensure you not touching any other strings and then back.

Its amazing how quickly the muscle memory kicks in. Forget the rest of the strumming till you have done this alot
D is a weird one. Only way you'll get it is practice, as other people have said. Over the next few months you'll realize you can do literally anything you put your mind to on guitar, no matter how impossible it seems when you first try it, with slow and deliberate practice. I recommend trying to do it while watching a movie, SLOWLY, over and over. Also, if the D chord really trips you up, try using your index chord to barre your G, B, and high E strings on the 2nd fret and your middle or ring to fret the B string on the 3rd fret. It's a much easier fingering, for me anyways.
Seriously the best way is just to practice. I know it sucks, because you're probably hoping that there is some little trick, but there isn't. If you practice soon it will start getting easier and then one day you'll be able to do stuff like this while you sleep. If you want to see if you're improving you could try the 1 minute change up method. It is basically just changing chords as many times as you can in one minute, and you do that over and over again for a couple of days or weeks and you can see how much you improve. Justin Sandercoe has a youtube video on it. Check out his site and it should help you out quite a bit. He has some very useful stuff for beginners.

If you start getting frustrated then take a break. I remember getting pretty angry because I couldn't change from a G chord to a D chord when I was new. Just relax, take it easy, and enjoy it. Before you know it you'll be doing this without thinking about it.

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