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50 9%
104 20%
111 21%
100 19%
66 13%
37 7%
18 3%
42 8%
Voters: 528.
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I am getting a new guitar within a few weeks. Everyone I know has been telling me I don't need another one. It's true. I have an electric and acoustic but I wanna upgrade my electric cuz I'm getting better and would prefer something better, you all understand that. Apparently I already have too many... 2. Poll coming. This counts for bass, acoustic and electric.
I have 5. Acoustic, LP copy, Telecaster Copy, Ibanez RG240dx and a Resonator Acoustic.

Richwood Les Paul RE-135
Ibanez RG350DX
Takamine Dreadnought
Hohner Telecaster Copy
Epiphone Thunderbird-IV Pro
Crafter Cruiser bass
I have 2, a 60 years old classic guitar and a strat (upgrading that in a couple of months).
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8 guitars, plus 2 other stringed instruments.

Epiphone les paul special II
Epiphone SG 310
Jackson Rhoads
Dead Mlx
Yamaha acoustic
Ibanex G100 Classical guitar
Lovell custom Bass
ESP EC1000

The Rhoads and ESP are really the only good guitars i have.
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got 2
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i have 1 electric , but hope geting one acoustic
-Squier Bullet Strat


-Peavey ValveKing 212
I have 4.

2 electrics (one of which is my dad's)

1 acoustic

1 bass (which is also my dad's)

I'll be upgrading soon though.

Edit: Unfortunately I'm not all that good at the moment.
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Cheap Acoustic
Cheap Starter Strat-a-like
Cheap Ibanez
Ibanez in my sig

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I have 3. I started with a cheap starter set, upgraded to a mid-range guitar, and then upgraded to a high quality guitar. I don't see myself getting another any time soon. Maybe an acoustic (since I don't have one), but definitely not another electric any time soon.
my SG Raw Power. i loves it
Gibson Hummingbird
And an old Ibanez Gio, but i will be selling that today i do so believe

EDIT: And a Gibson Explorer(Guitar Hero Edition) It has great action and sustains like none other
Gibson RawPower SG 2009 (Zales)
Gibson Hummingbird 70's? (Amy)
Jet City JCA 20 Watt Combo
Dunlop Crybaby wah
MXR 10 Band EQ
Ibanez TS-9
2. 1 cheap electric and 1 £5 acoustic.
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Classical guitar,
Jackson custom Dinky,
Epi flying V
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5 electric, one acoustic, one semi-hollow body, a bass, and on a slightly unrelated note, a ukulele.
5, I only use 2, sometimes 3.

Nylon string Acoustic (my first, retired)
Ovation-rip off acoustic (battered, effectively retired)
Squier Stratocaster (Gets used now and again)
Epiphone Les Paul (My main workhorse guitar)
Tanglewood folk acoustic (Main acoustic guitar)
I've got one electric cheap epiphone Sg copy, an old Ibanez Silver series Jazz Bass, a yamaki Acoustic guitar, a Samick artist pro 5 string Bass (my main axe) and a cheap Dimavery 5 stringed acoustic Bass.
I still want and need a new electric bass though, currently drooling on th LTD F145M
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Two - Acoustic and Electric, and they're both shit I want a new leccy one, but that's not happening soon!
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just a few of my fans..

7. Three I actually play on a regular basis, my two starter guitars, one of which can no longer be played at all, a cheap travel guitar, and an Epiphone SG.
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Three, but I'm hoping to have a fourth by the end of the year a Schecter Hellraiser, a 1993 Fender Mexi Strat that I've customized, and some 30-year-old Matrix acoustic that my mom gave to me.
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My Gear:

-Custom Fender MIM Black Strat
-Mesa/Boogie Rect-O-Verb
-Schecter C-1 Hellraiser
6, some alright classical, yamaha bass, yamaha guitar, yamaha guitar made up of two different yamahas, epiphone lp standard, kramer striker
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4 ibanez grg170dx, rg5ex1, s47dx, alvarez acoustic
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I own 6, but 3 of them are defunctional.

The 3 that work are a Fender Sunn Mustang, Cort Les Paul and a Gear4Music acoustic.
3. Ibanez GRG170DX, RGR321 and a RGA32-MOL
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5, but one is broken so I have to toss it, and one I'm selling so soon it'll be 3
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I have 3, an ESP LTD Ex-50, Epiphone SG Special, and Fender Stratacoustic. I use the later only every now and then, it's not great but it does the job.
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two electric, one acoustic, and one bass

i feel bad because i dont think i play any of them as much as they deserve
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5 (kinda): 1968 fretless gibson 4 string bass
ibanez SRX500 4 string
peavey milestone 4 string
fender acoustic
cheap ibanez

and im waiting on a new yamaha 5 string bass i ordered, and getting a 7 string off a buddy very soon.
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Did anyone else have to count?

3 guitars, 1 bass.
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Martin D15s Solid Hog.
Yamaha F310
Epiphone G400? I think that's what it's called.

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