I got a New Craftman Pro Router,But A book about Guitar building

Said the Plunger is better should I take it back & get the Craftman plunger.And What kind of bits is best to use For Routing out the Cavities body for the pick ups,and smoothing out the body edges.
Thank you I can't buy the 100.00 bit packages and do i need ever bits.What is best use Thank you Brenda
I dont use a plunge router at all. Not that big of a deal imo.

Your going to need straight cutting bits, and pattern bits (the ones with the bearings) . You might want some roundover bits as well. That's all i really use.
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I use a drill press with a forstner bit to remove most of the waste from my neck pocket and pickup cavities and therefore don't use my plunge router. I also find the fixed base much more stable and user friendly than the plunge.