Of all the styles and genres of music I've looked into (and I've looked into a lot of them), I find that I'm most interested in baroque, classical, and neo-classical era music.

I have a pretty good amount of "general" music theory in me; I've gotten through the Harmony I and almost all the way through Harmony II textbooks from Berklee on my own time, and they're not that difficult, but they are directed at jazz more than anything, and although I like jazz, I REALLY want to learn classical era form, composition, progressions, etc.

Does anyone have any suggestions for some good books on this subject? I am a guitarist but I read standard notation, so a book not directed at any instrument in particular would be nice, seeing as all these guitar specific theory books tend to be... not so great, haha.

Thanks in advance!
Harmony and Voice Leading - Aldwell and Schachter
Harmony & Counterpoint - Piston
Fundamentals of Musical Composition - Arnold Schoenberg
Classical Form - William Caplin
Thanks for your guys' replies. I'm working on getting some books by Piston and the Harmony and Voice Leading book that MapOfYourHead suggested
I'm impressed and please that you are interested in playing such music on your guitar. Compose us some stuff
"He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast."

~Leonardo da Vinci
The other day i wrote something vaguely classically influenced, but arranged for a "modern" hard rock band with 2 guitarists, drums, bass, and vocals. I'm gonna post it under Recordings and Riffs for feedback, and I'll P.M. you when it's up