I submitted a tab and it was rejected. I did it all on my own, without copying anyone elses. It was The Beatles' Your Gonna Lose That Girl

I don't get why they always reject my tabs!

Anything I can do to improve my tabbing?

Quote by KingHenrik1967
maybe it sucked ?

Haha I knew someone was gonna say that

No, it wasn't that bad. It sounds just like it, but whatever
I have the exact same question. I submitted a guitar pro tab and it got rejected, even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. The band and song names are both correct, the tab is accurate, there are no other tabs of the song, etc. You should be told why your tab was rejected; right now it's just guesswork, and I can't say that I feel motivated to make tabs when they might be rejected for no apparent reason.