Ok folks hope i write in right part of forum.I was playing my guitar today (squier bullet strat ) and switched to bridge pickup . It was completly quiet and without tone and distorsion just quiet . So i just bumped guitar with hand on body and it started to work fine then. Could be the problem in wiring of picup?
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Take the pickguard off and look at the wiring and see if anything is loose. Also check the jack, since bumping it could mean it wasn't pickup-specific. If there are any loose wires they'll need to be resoldered. If nothing is loose then your switch is probably going bad (those import switches suck) and you'll need to replace it. If you're unsure of anything post good pictures (as in they're actually in-focus and properly lit) and we'll help you isolate the problem.
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that happened to me when i was playing an old unidentifiyable harmony the problem is probly just your ground wire if its that you just gotta grounda your wire
oh yes it could be a volume pot a tone pot or the switch indeed if its very old i would recomend rewiring it!