HELP! i seek assistance. Im playing a gig this upcoming weekend and i wanted to cover some chili peppers songs before I do some originals. I was wondering if anyone knew the settings I would need to play songs like Scar Tissue, Californication, and Snow. I have a Boss GT-10 and a Marshall Half Stack MG 100 HDFX. Please get back to me, im new to the whole effects thing since I only started playing guitar for a year now and mainly played acoustic.
^ What he said.

Plus you'll be getting a lot of grief for using an MG, especially since it's the half stack version.
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Hmm not really allowed, but I may as well try to help. Try something like Bass-8 Mid-5 and Treble-7. Use the clean channel and maybe try and get a very light overdrive from your GT-10 to emulate that on the edge of breakup tone
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Settings threads are not allowed so find the Only Settings Thread and post in there. Otherwise, run your GT-10 through the clean channel on that MG and hope for the best. The MG really isn't designed for gigging. It is a practice amp.