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Discuss Harry Potter!

The books, the movies, the soundtrack, anything to do with the Boy who Lived.
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I ****ing love harry potter.
The books.

The only movie i really liked was the 4th one. The only reason i watch them now is emma watson.
But the book i absolutely love!

I actually had depression for a bit when the series ended. Nothing like going to the local bookstore at 6 AM to pick up the new harry potter, and then spending all day reading it!
Almost as bad as twilight.
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Harry Potter is unarguably awesome.
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Which movie do you think has been the best so far? For me it's gotta be 3 or 4. And 1 is pretty classic...
I loooove the HP books/movies. The only one I can't watch anymore is the Goblet Of Fire, simply because I watched it far too often over too little time.
But my favourites would have to be Prisoner Of Azkaban and the Half-Blood Prince. I think that the 7th ones are going to be pretty epic.
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^4 was terrible... 5 was probably the best in my opinion.

you kiddin? I think 5's the worst
The books were great.
I don't watch the movies though. I gave them all a chance, but I think they're just cheesy as hell.
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splitting the final movie into two makes me angry.
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^4 was terrible... 5 was probably the best in my opinion.

lolwut 4 is really good and 5 was a boring jumble of 600 pages
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Almost as bad as twilight.

you have no idea how long i've been waiting for the opportune moment to post this picture

i'm probably going to read the series over once again sometime soon. i tend to do it every summer.
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