Hey there, I know this may sound like an odd question but should I accept a free set up on my guitar? I recently bought a new strat and I've got to be honest, I was very pleasantly surprised with the way this thing plays right off the rack. It's not a top of the line one but not at the bottom end either. Just got to tell you though that it just plays great....at least to me. I'm not sure if I just don't know enough about guitars or just got really lucky with the thing but I'm really pleased with it. Sounds great, plays slick, feels comfortable, and I haven't noticed any fret buzz so I'm not sure what I should tell the tech about it. Seems like I should take advantage of it because its only going to cost me the price of new strings....but should I? It already seems great and I don't want to necessarily mess it up. What kinds of things should I have the tech look into to if I do it? Thanks for all your help.
You might as well.

The tech will fix intonation, check the truss rod. The tech might even out the frets a touch, change the action, check the nut... that kind of stuff.
Yes, absolutely, IF you're 100% sure the tech is an experienced professional, who really knows what he's doing.
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Absolutely, You might want to mention that you are happy with action etc, then he can set the rest up around that.