This is my first attempt at song writing and it's recorded on a cell phone. It's the beginning of my first song and I'm trying to decide if it's good enough to keep or modify or to just start over with something else. Personally I think it could use some changes but that's just me! Haha. Constructive criticism please. Also, I made a pretty noticeable mistake in the beginning.

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Spice up those arpeggios in the beginning! Throw in some pull-offs and such on them. As for the solo near the end, it sounded very sloppy and didn't fit well with the song. Also the transitioning from the clean part to the distorted part could use some touching up. Do this stuff and you got yourself a nice first song.
I agree, for the most part, with Sarykos. The beginning kinda reminds me of something that comes from Peter Frampton, if it was a bit slower. But, yeah. Save the solo for the ending of what you're writing, and watch your picking. I'm not a really fast picker ( And I don't really plan on using it too much...) but its important to keep your hand in line.

Take a listen to mine? Its an acoustic song though.

Pros - You did well with muting the strings. Good job with that
The chords go well together. Even though you are only using two, still, good job.

Cons - The whole, light-heavy thing is pretty common. Honestly, it's an overused tecnique by guitar players who think loudness is power. It sounds cliche as well, but try throwing power chords and such. It's your music though, I just think that sounds like everyone else.

The solo would sound better if got it together better. Before recording a song, play different solos, or the same until you get something you like, and then keep working until what you want to hear in your head is coming out of the guitar

In all, a pretty good recording. Just keep practicing, but good job sir.
Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. For the whole light-heavy thing, I recorded this after I got my distortion pedal and I thought it sounded cool haha. Anyway, the thing I really don't like about this is the beginning of the solo, that transition to the high e string. I didn't really think it up, just started playing and that came out.