My husband has a Gibson Epiphone serial number 14030691 that he got in 1999. On the back of the guitar it has a metal plaque that says handcrafted in Korea by Epiphone The Epiphone Company Nashville TN USA serial number 14030691. I can't seem to find the serial number on any web sites and it doesn't seem to be similar to any of the other Epiphones I have seen while searching. Could it be fake? We know nothing about guitars.
I don't think anyone was faking Epiphones in '99. I've only seen fake Epiphones start to crop up in the last year or two, and not very often at that.

A large picture of the entire guitar, front and back, would help a lot.
Not sure if this makes any difference, but i was messing around with JPW's serial decrypter and I put the letter I in place of the number 1 for the first digit of the serial. and came up with this

Your guitar was made at the
Saein Plant, Korea
March 1994
Production Number: 0691

I tried a few other variations too, and all came back as Korean made, (So I think we are close.)but one said 2014 for the year, lol. Anyways, you might want to double check your serial number and pics are good too!!! I'm very curious now. Can you say if its Les Paul style or another, they did have a few funky designs back in the day as well as several strat style guitars.

Its probably safe to assume that it has a bolt on neck. which can rule out a few kinds, at least the higher end ones.
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