I didn't get any answers in the forum i first posted this in , hopefully ill get some here

I have a marshall head that has some small places where the tolex is ripped off and i wanted to restore it completely. How do i proceed , cut a piece and just glue it to the wood or ? Has anyone here done that ?
It is glued down and it's a bitch to work with without getting bubbles in it. The metal end pieces are to protect the corners from bumps and to hide the seams of the tolex.
But look , i don't want to re-tolex the whole thing. Just the small areas where the tolex is torn off,
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But look , i don't want to re-tolex the whole thing. Just the small areas where the tolex is torn off,

Well what other options do you have then cutting small pieces and gluing them on?
I can't imagine that would look good. I would either retolex it myself or get a pro to do it. and I mean retolex the whole head.
I'm in the middle of redoing mine.

You can just glue small pieces on in random places...

if you want to look like a dumbass with an ugly amp.

You need to go to a fabric store and buy vinyl/leatherette, or order Tolex (just a brand of textured vinyl really, you should buy it if you want to do a legit restore) of ebay or something, at the correct length (2 square meters will work for sure, you might be able to get away with one depending how wide it is, because it should be in one piece). You also want glue. 3M Spray glue is recommended.

Take EVERYTHING off your amp. Even take the AMP out of your amp

Literally you should only have the wood shell (assuming you've taken the existing tolex off already.

You should have a strip of tolex, about 2m long and maybe a bit more than a foot wide, I dunno, you should do the measurements and triple check. The tolex should overlap lengthwise and overhang widthwise.

Then glue accordingly. There is a special way to cut the corners for best results.


this is basically what I'm following.
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