Hi guitar buddies,

I am new to this fun website! I just pulled chords and lyrics for Adam Lambert's Mad World from here last night and will be performing it today...

I love and highly recommend my new acoustic guitar - Fender Malibu (California Series) I bought for $399 at my local store - I have light guage steel strings on it and it has a cutaway. I have had tendonitis hand probs for years, and this is the first guitar I can play without problems - the neck is thin and shallow like an electric guitar. Action is pretty good too...The body is 3/4 sized but has a wonderful full sound. I use a Planet Waves capo and it works great. I get lots of compliments on the sound...

If you want to check me out playing my new fav Fender acoustic baby

anyone else have one?
I hate all fender guitars
(this has something to do with me not owning a fender guitar)

just checked your videos, really good acoustic
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It does sound quite nice, though i'm not a Fender fan as i bought one way back and the neck snapped within it's first week. Glad you like it though!
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glad you like it

isn't it interesting how different people have such different ergonomics? i get a sore hand, wrist and elbow on some guitars when playing a thinner neck, and you find it easier to play. for me, i actually had long term pain from logging too many hours on a guitar with a slim neck and 1 11/16 nut.

most guitars' action can be lowered so they're tendonitis friendly. most of mine now have nice low action, some have extra light strings, and my wrist problems have gone away completely.