I know "take better care of ur guitar","clean it after every use", "wash ur hands", but I want to know if there is a way to completely remove the black on the strings. Ive tried everything to remove that black stain that covers my strings. Is there a way to remove that stain?

I bought some DR strings and I washed my hands immediately before using them for the first time and after the first use I already noticed the strings over the second fret, the fourth and the bridge turning black. That was two weeks ago and already Ive noticed some tone loss, buzzing, and the high e string snapped.
Fast fret works to an extent but it wont make them in perfect condition, it also lubricates the strings making them feel almost like new.

You might want to try looking for other brands or use some coated strings.
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How about buy new strings? A pack of strings isn't more than a bottle of that stuff so why bother?
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