Hello all. i have written songs in guitar pro which i am trying to record. I have written synth in my songs and i am unsure which vstis to use to get a good sound. I am looking for synth in the style of dimmu borgir/emperor. any other tips to do with recording synth are welcome. thank you for reading.
Thank you, i played around with the VSTs presets, but couldn't get the sort of sound im looking for.

What im after is like this, maybe it doesnt need to be quite so lush but this is basically the sort of synth i want put to my music.


I read somwhere they used the Roland VJ2080 or something like that, which apears to be hardware and not a vst
The only soft synths i have experience with are in Logic - so not free.
if you're thinking of using synth a lot in your compositions/ recordings I'd recommend you take a look at some hardware. I use an alesis micron, which I picked up second hand. You should take a look at this or look around on ebay, local ads and check out a few synth specific websites. If you pm me I'll send you some links as I'm not sure I can post links here.
I will buy hardware if there is no alternative, however i am worried about doing this because i cant help but see myself struggling to use the hardware. I'm a one man band, so i have no field of expertise. The only thing i don't have to worry about is drums because i use a drum machine. Does the micron create the black metal synths? and does it have lots of presets, or will i be building sounds from scratch?
it has quite a lot of presets but you can create your own. It basically uses a similar engine and building blocks to a lot of soft synths as it is a modeller, but a really good one. kicks the microkorg into the gutter imho.
there is also a brilliant yahoo group which is so unbelievably helpfull and also has millions of presets to download - i doubt you'll be disappointed. I'm a one woman band and the quality of the sound you can generate from it is totally worth it.
what operating system are you running?
logic express is a pretty good production suite but..
if you are only looking to make sounds

propellerhead reason is a great suite. my friends use it a bunch for electronica
it's easier to do sequencing with a midi keyboard but you could easily just program your computer keyboard.

I'm sure there are other free options too...
Prs se Holcomb is the answer