So I saw these amp a while ago:


And I thought the 25w one looked tasty. Problem is I can't find any reviews of them or even youtube videos of them. They seem readily available from online stores but it seems like no-one has bought one.

Has anyone ever seen one or are they all just sitting unbought in a warehouse somewhere?
Can't say i have ever heard of them, it looks like a lunchbox though.
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lame cheap SS amp

their guitars are cool. Those amps are not vintage btw, just vintage styled, in case you didn't know.

buy one of these instead:


EDIT: holy shit MSRP is $1200... I could have sworn they sold for the same as the regular Champ 600 just last year
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I know their not really vintage. That fender seems cool but in UK prices its almost two months rent for me.
hey , yeah i bought an italia retro 10, amazing looking little amp , it has great clean tones and overdrive channel is good for blues and have used it with a lapsteel.

The best thing I have done with the amp was to slot the amp out of its cab and put a jack output on it and then run it through at 12" celestion , wow, really great tone , literally shocked at the amp , sounds great and it only cost me £40 , i have had a few band practices using the amp at a head with the 12" speaker and its easily loud enough to compete with a loud drummer ,just great , saved me on numerous occasions where my marshall has failed on me.

If you have a spare £40 get an italia retro 10.

fantastic amp