What do you guys see as the essential guitar books all guitarists must own? There are some I hear highly regarded a lot, such as Chord Chemistry. What is your list?
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I learnt alot from the first Fretboard Roadmaps book, having very little (well, no) theory knowledge going in.
To me, one of the main factors in choosing a book is that it's at the right level for you. All books make assumptions about how much you know. If you get one that is too basic you might not learn anything from it. Buy one too advanced and it will be like reading a foreign language. I think Chord Chemistry is a great book, but not for someone just starting out.

That being said, I'll throw Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick out there. It's a great book, but more on the advanced side. I also really like the Andrew Green books such as Jazz Guitar Technique.

If you don't have a problem with books that aren't written specifically for guitar, check out Mark Levine's Jazz Theory book. I also like stuff by Jerry Coker, Bert Ligon & Jerry Bergonzi.
These days i just get tips from the internet but saying that when i was learning the internet didn't exist

When i was learning the books i used to buy soley depended upon the level or the type of thing i wanted to learn.

I used to choose an album then buy the official song book and learn the album from start to finish

these days to learn guitar i suppose everybody uses youtube its probably putting guitar tutors out of business
Troy Stetina's Speed Mechanics for Lead guitar is good for exercises.

I also like his Ultimate Scale Book.

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Hal Leonard Guitar Method (books 1,2,3) Those were the first books i read when i first got my guitar.. They were pretty helpful when i was a beginner
Berklee books for sight-reading.
I've heard Geroge Van Eps chord volume books are really, really good as well, for jazzers, which aren't on this forum at all besides me and one other person, maybe.

Use the internet.

If you live in a city use the library. I search the larger catalogue and have my local branch bring in just about every type of books on guitars for me. This week it was 'the Guitar Pickup Handbook'...256 pages on guitar pickups with an enclosed CD giving pickup example.

I just orderd a book on classical pieces arranged for the electric guitar. Free through the library

(we can also get just about any movie through the library)

I'm a skinflint but not poor after 32 years as a geologist . I'm not buying a book i can look at for free. My wife and I each make $100 donation to our library each year.

You really don't need books these days, we have the internet.

What helps me the most is my subscription to Guitarist and GuitarTechniques magazines. I try and learn everything they put in each month, really helps to expand your horizons!
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