So, I've been in the market for both an OD and a Distortion pedal for the past few months, but really haven't really made headway on much of anything. I've tried some at Guitar Center, but most of what they have is Boss based, which doesn't give me much in the way of options.

I put myself on the wait-list for the AnalogMan KoT after falling in love with its sound, but needless to say, I need something now.

I'm playing a 92 Telecaster Plus Dual Red humbucker in the bridge, and Blue in the neck, through a VOX AC30C2X. I love the natural overdrive guitar>>>amp that the AC30 produces, but I want to be able to switch when need be.

Things I like/Specifications:

Price isn't too much of an issue, nor is searching for vintage pedals. For overdrive, I prefer something that keep as much original tone as possible, while allowing some overdriven punch. I've considered the Digitech Bad Monkey, but haven't had a chance to try before I buy.

For distortion, I'm okay with dropping tone for a unique sound. Metal-type distortion isn't so much my thing, but I'd still like to have some options.

Thanks for the help.
For an OD, you can't go wrong w/ a tube screamer. For a distortion, I like the MXR Full Bore Metal was its versatility.
The Bad Monkey works better as a boost than as a stand-alone overdrive. If you're OK with having two OD pedals, maybe get the Bad Monkey and something like an MI Audio Crunchbox or a Lovepedal Purple Plexi?
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