I've been playing a lot of fingerpicking acoustic songs lately, but i realized their all at relatively slow tempos. like arrangements of wake me up when september ends and mad world. hana by masaki kishibe. but i want to play something a little bit faster i'm thinking maybe some of the easier andy mckee songs but am open to other suggestions.
Spanish romance maybe, or john butler trio try mist and ocean and good luck you will need it.
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Andy Mckee definately.

This, try Ebon Coast
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For instrumentals, what's been suggested so far is good (assuming you're not nearly good enough to play any Tommy Emmanuel tunes). But if you're also a singer, I'm a big fan of Elliott Smith. "Angeles" is a good, simple, yet fast-paced song to learn. It will definitely get your right hand in shape. And if you play it cleanly while singing, it can be very impressive.
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Andy Mckee definately.

For my Father, though it is a little slower, is a fun song to play. Not too challenging, it helped me a lot with getting fingerpicking down.
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If you want faster tempos with Andy Mckee, look up Common Ground. Art of Motion is also good and fun and fast, but quite the bitch to master.