For the first time ever I noticed that I tend to rest my picking arm on my guitar body, as well as i guess "anchor" my picking hand with my pinky under the high E string. What is the proper way to pick exactly? Opinions are fine, but is there an industry standard? Should my arm not touch my guitar? should I not be anchored? should all my fingers be extended and not touching anything?
generally speaking, picking styles vary. you can do well with your arm touching your guitar. i personally don't - i let my wrist lay on the strings behind the bridge (also useful for palm muting, all you need to do is slide up, though this may be painful depending on your bridge).

anchoring, however, is always bad. i strongly advise you not to anchor.
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I make a fist and rest my palm on the bridge/srtings. The only advice i've ever gotten on picking is to only use your wrist and not your elbow. I think it's more what feels good to you.
Don't anchor your pinky. I used to anchor mine and decided to stop and re-learn to not anchor and my picking increased greatly. I tend to lightly rest my hand on the bridge with my fingers slightly curled up.

As for the arm on the body of the guitar its really ok as long as your not digging you forearm into it really. Also make sure you prick from the wrist and not the elbow.
there isnt anything wrong with it. infact plenty of people do it. its just that when you need that string of course the finger is going to get in the way. i have a floyd rose style guitar and i just rest my the edge of my hand behind the strings near the tunning nobs. it gets a while to get used to but i did it just make sure your palm doesnt stick out and mute the chords you know?

any way i hope this helps if not im sorry,

Don't be afraid to stop anchoring. I anchored for 2 years and it took me like 5 minutes to play just as well unanchored.
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I just recently got rid of achoring with my pinky to the body/high strings and now i feel my technique is more solid. But now when i'm picking the low E string my thumb occasionally touches/takes support from the guitar body whilst playing some fast stuff. I think i can get rid of that completely with some practice.
what ever works for you honestly. alot of people say Anchoring = Bad, but i think it depends if you are accually applying pressure with the pinky or just letting it hang around near the pickguard.

i've been anchoring sorta for around 18 years but i feel i have no other choice anyways...
my right hand pinky was sliced open at the first joint so if i tuck it in it tries to lock up in place and pops lol. even though it sometimes touches the pick guard it's basically just limp bumpin around, its never pressed against anything its just...well there? lol i've learned guitar around that issue and it doesnt hinder me.

noticed my hand looks the same as Alex Lifeson when i play except i dont think he had a meat cutting knife shoved in his pinky lol!
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