Ok, so I recently purchased a Mesa Boogie dual rectifier solo head. I need help reading the serial number to figure out an exact year on the amp, I'm almost positive it was something around 2001, but the guy who knew how to read the serial numbers wasn't working that day.

All in all I'm more impressed with the amp every minute, and didn't expect this much to come out of it, from a perspective of music that isn't metal. So I really couldn't be more happy overall =)

I was wondering what to expect if at any point I switched to EL34's.. I would expect a little more jangle on the cleans, richer mid range, and tighter low end, but a little bit less prominent and less 'rectifier-ish'...I'm also wondering, if I change to EL34's, isn't that almost like turning my amp into a stiletto, just theoretically?

Obviously it won't make it sound too too much like a stiletto, so it would be great if somebody could explain the similarities, and extreme difference between a dual recto with EL34's and a stiletto, from a tone perspective.

Thanks everyone!
The first series Stilettos do sound quite a bit like a Recto with EL34s. They're a little less harsh and the low end is more controlled though, definitely more of a really hot rodded Marshall flavor. The second series has much more of a Marshall vibe and less of the Recto feel to it.

As far as tonal changes, you can expect what John said.
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Definitely won't make it to a stiletto. I suspect it'll add some top end bark, and a more punch midrange.

If you need your bottom end, might not be a good idea.

Perhaps KT77s, in that case?

The Recto has tremendous bottom end, though, so he should be fine...
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