Here are my ideas so far. First, I think I am going to try an 8-string. Neck thrue (1peice sapele) the wings will be a wenge mahogany wenge sandwich. Top with be carved and bookmatched. Neck will have 1 hot rod truss rod and 2 carbon reinforcing rods. The shape and style will be based on the guitars in the pictures. I am trying to go with more of a jazz guitar here than a metal sounding 8 string. I might even hollow out the wings or chamber them.

My second Idea, is same wood set up but a more ES355 look or scofield signiture model style. This guitar would be 6 string and have either SD Jazz and 59 or SD Pearly Gates.

Any suggestions/warnings?

Much Thanks
hm, an 8 string with that style guitar would be interesting, would it be an extended scale? (26", 27")
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It would be, 27" i think i got most of my specs for the 8 string from the ibanez model.
That would be an interesting guitar. Since it sounds like you are into making something completely custom, have you thought about making fanned frets at all? I'm not sure how that would play on an 8 string guitar. It might make some of the stretches too difficult given the longer scale. I have only built 6 string guitars with fanned frets.
I am pretty interested in adding fannaed frets to my abilities. How would I go about this? seems like theres a lot more to it then cutting regular slots