At the end of the month, an opportunity is arising for me to purchase a brand new guitar. I'm starting to play shred type stuff, so my MIM Strat really isn't cutting it.

I'm looking for something with a locking tremolo (floyd rose, edge pro, etc...). I'm really narrowing down to Ibanez but my mind is still open to other brands.

Here's what I'm eyeing now:



Well right now I've just got a little 15 watt Ibanez tone blaster, but in about a week I'm going to upgrade, not quite sure to what though.
Thanks I was leaning toward the S470DXQM. As for the amp, haha yeah, it's craaaap.
You could get 6505+ Combo new for $600... even cheaper used.

Then like, a $600 guitar or something... look around.
go to guitarcenter.com's used gear section. Look at the ESP M-II. That guitar is superior to any Ibanez I have ever played, but I just hate their knockoff bridges. Plus the one with a maple neck is the most amazing neck i have ever played on.
Get a PGM, with a floyd. It's awesome.
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Ibanez bridges? Have you ever played a ZR trem?

Yea, didn' t impress me. I think ESP crafts their guitars better than those at Ibanez.
I love the PGM guitars, if i got a ibanez it would be that guitar. S series are also nice if you use a lot of whammy